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Physical Therapist


Low back pain is one of the most common conditions to come into the chiropractor. 4/5 people will experience some form of low back pain in their lifetime. The good news is, it’s usually very treatable!  

There are many causes of low back pain, such as tight muscles, dysfunctioning joints, pinched nerves or slipped discs. When you come in for an appointment, we can determine which are affected for you and treat how we feel fit.

Some common treatment strategies include: soft tissue work to the muscles, adjustments/mobilizations of the joints as well as exercises and recommendations to help get you better as fast as possible!

But my back pain keeps coming back??

Unfortunately, back pain is recurrent. That means that most people will experience more than one episode of low back pain in their lifetime, with or without treatment.

This doesn’t always happen following an injury or mean that there is damage in the tissues. This is important to understand. Think of it like a headache, they don’t always come from an injury but we know the triggers for headaches and know they will go away with treatment, increased activity, increased water, reduce stress, etc.

We should try to think of low back pain in a similar way. Start by recognizing the triggers for your low back pain and what helps you recover! Then in the future you can avoid the triggers which should help reduce the rate of recurrence.

Things that may help with back pain recovery include: chiropractic care, massage, increased physical activity and movement, improved diet, getting enough sleep, lowering stress levels, learning more about your pain and many more!

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