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Headaches are something that almost everyone suffers from. But most people don’t know where their headaches originate from or how to treat them!

There are many common types of headaches. These include: tension, migraine and cervicogenic to name a few.

Tension type headaches commonly present as band-like tension across both sides of the forehead. They are not usually aggravated by typical activities and usually come from tight muscles in your neck.

Cervicogenic type headaches typically present with pain in the forehead, temple and around the eyes. These headaches originate from the joints in our neck and are usually aggravated by neck movements.

Migraines usually result in pain on one side of the head and are usually described as throbbing that is aggravated by routine activities. Recognizing triggers for your individual migraine is important and can come from things such as; food, weather, stress, etc. Migraines are typically accompanied by nausea and light or noise sensitivity.

Chiropractors can dive into the root cause of the headaches and treat those to help reduce the intensity as well as frequency of the headaches. Common treatments include soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, adjustments and mobilizations of the neck as well as exercises help reduce muscle tension.

If you experience headaches, get them checked out!

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