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  • Dr. Brandon Davy

Why Do Injuries Happen?

🔸 Why do injuries happen? 🔸

Our bodies are able to incredibly adapt and with proper time, training and practice we can do just about anything!

Injuries tend to happen when the load placed on a tissue (muscle, joint, tendon, bone, etc.) exceeds what that particular tissue is able to withstand.

Injuries can happen in a few different ways:

🔸 A prolonged load: this would be like sitting at your desk all day. The structures in your neck that are holding your head up all day begin to fatigue after long hours. Then you all of a sudden turn your head and feel pain!

🔸 A repetitive load: this would be like doing an exercise with reasonable weight but more repetitions that usual. Those extra repetitions start to fatigue your tissues and that is when injury can happen.

🔸 A fast, above-threshold load: too much, too fast. This would be like a broken bone or sprained ankle.

Injuries happen all the time. If you’re injured, worried about injury or want tips on injury prevention, book an appointment today!

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