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Water Intake

Are you drinking enough water? 💧 Experts recommend drinking at least 3 litres of water per day.

Not drinking enough water can cause both short term and long term effects on the body, like:

🔸 Headaches

🔸 Muscle weakness

🔸 Feeling overly tired

🔸 And many more

That amount sounds like a lot and if you’re having trouble reaching that goal, here are some tips as to how to get there! 🔸 Drink a glass of water with each meal as well as in-between each meal. 🔸 Carrying around a re-useable water bottle will help you stay hydrated on the go! Some bottles even have a time tracker on the outside to keep your water intake consistent throughout the day. 🔸 Drink water while exercising! You can lose a lot of water while exercising so keeping yourself hydrated is important. 🔸 Drink water if you’re feeling hungry. Thirst can often be confused as hunger! 🔸 If you don’t like water, try adding flavours with fruits or vegetables like lemon, lime, raspberries, cucumber or ginger! There are apps for your phone that can help you track your water intake as well if you’re having a hard time remembering how much you’ve drank that day.

It’s also important to check the colour of your urine. Too dark means you’re not getting enough water. The colour should be clear to pale yellow when you’re properly hydrated!

If you have any more questions about water intake, message me or book an appointment today!

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