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Types of Headaches

Does anyone experience headaches? They are a very common complaint from patients that can be easily treated. A lot of people believe that headaches are ‘normal,’ but they can be prevented and treated.

Here are the most common types of headaches!

🔸 Cervicogenic - these headaches usually involve pain that originates from the neck joints, and radiates up to the head. Usually aggravated by neck movements, these headaches are typically felt in the forehead, temples, eyes or ears.

🔸 Tension - these headaches typically involve pain felt along both sides of the forehead that resembles a tight band. They are not usually aggravated by typical activities and have a muscular origin, usually coming from the neck.

🔸 Migraines – these headaches involve recurrent pain caused by changes in the brain and surrounding vasculature. Migraines are usually described as one sided, throbbing pain that is aggravated by routine activities. Migraines are usually diagnosed with the presence of nausea, vomiting, light or noise sensitivity and can be present with or without aura symptoms.

🔸 Cluster - these headaches involve severe, short lasting pain that usually is felt behind one eye.

Chiropractic care can often times help reduce the severity and frequency of headaches and their symptoms. Determining the type of headache and the cause will allow the chiropractor to develop a specific treatment plan that is tailored to you! This often includes: soft tissue therapy, mobilizations and adjustments, and sometimes acupuncture, as well as at home recommendations to help decrease the severity and frequency of headaches.

If you experience headaches and/or neck pain, book an appointment today!

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