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  • Dr. Brandon Davy

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Anyone have noisy hips!?

A lot of patients will complain of repeated cracking or popping through their hips when moving. These cracks can be painful or painless depending on the underlying condition.

Most of the time, the popping is resulting from snapping hip syndrome!

There are two main types: internal and external.

🔸 With internal snapping hip syndrome, your hip flexor (or iliopsoas tendon) is very tight. This tightness causes tension through the tendon and when movement occurs the tendon snaps over small bumps on the pelvic bone, creating a popping noise on the inside of the hip.

🔸 External snapping hip syndrome happens very similarly, however it is the IT band which is tight and the snapping occurs over the greater trochanter of the femur (thigh bone) and can be felt on the outside of the hip.

Snapping hip syndrome can be treated using a number of techniques. Proper stretching of tight muscles and strengthening of weak muscles is important to correct the snapping in the area. Soft tissue therapy, mobilizing, and adjusting through the hips, low back and pelvis can be beneficial as well!

If you think you are experiencing snapping hip syndrome or have any more questions, book an appointment today!

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