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  • Dr. Brandon Davy

Sleep Posture

🔸Who likes to sleep?🔸 We spend a lot of time of our lives sleeping, so your sleeping posture is incredibly important. The three most common positions are on your side, on your back and on your stomach. Sleeping on your side is the best position for spinal health! When sleeping on your side, draw your legs towards your stomach to achieve a neutral lumbar spine (low back). Having a pillow between your legs takes pressure off of your hips and low back and decreases any twisting that could happen in that area. Using one pillow under your head that is about the width from your neck to your shoulder is ideal. The next best sleeping position is on your back. Having a pillow under your knees takes a lot of pressure off of your low back taking it out of a hyperextended position. Again, one pillow under your head is ideal. Sleeping on your stomach is highly discouraged. This position places a lot of strain on your spine, especially your neck. Try to break this habit if you are sleeping on your stomach. If you can’t break this habit, try sleeping with a pillow under your pelvis to take some pressure off of your neck. If you have any more questions about sleep or have pain when sleeping or waking, book an appointment today!

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