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Is a magnesium supplement right for you?

Who is experiencing a lot of muscle tension? Maybe even tension related headaches?

A supplement you may was to try is Magnesium Glycinate!

Magnesium Glycinate has been shown to be effective in decreasing overall muscular tension and is especially good for tension type headaches. It aids in both decreasing intensity of pain and frequency of headaches.

Magnesium glycinate in particular is a good form to take as a supplement. It can cause some side effects such as upset stomach, however it is much easier on the stomach compared to magnesium alone. A great brand to try is CanPrev, which can be found at most health food stores.

Magnesium supplements can have many other benefits as well! These include:

🔸 Helps with PMS symptoms in women

🔸 Reduces inflammation

🔸 Improves digestive health

🔸 Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol

🔸 Heart rate regulation

🔸 Plays a major role in brain function and mood

🔸 And many more!

Another way in which you can utilize magnesium is through a warm Epsom Salt Bath. Epsom salts are magnesium which can be absorbed through the skin. A 20 minutes bath can help decrease muscle tension as well.

If you are experiencing chronic muscle tension, try out a magnesium supplement! If you have more questions or want to book an appointment, contact me today!


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